Strata Development Frameworks®

The Strata Development Frameworks® is a streamlined way of creating and implementing object-oriented, well designed Web applications in a matter of weeks instead of months.  Employing tested industry-standard processes and a proven architecture means that feasible work is completed quickly and up-front - with more attention spent developing and putting your applications into production.

Strata® takes a multi-layered approach to Web application development.  By completely separating the different components of the application, Strata® makes the development cycle much shorter and vastly improves the maintainability of the project.  Different groups of developers can work independently on separate layers of the application, then bring it all together in the final stages of development.

Tried and true process templates make sure that the development project stays on track and concludes with the desired outcome.  Moreover, it is a complete process, and includes frameworks, object code, and a consistent layered architecture.

Strata is used by Infinity Portal Solution.